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I enjoy a well-rounded life. Woman, Wife, Mom, Friend, Daughter, Sister, Volunteer, Writer. I have spent far too many years of my life feeling like a second class citizen because of my weight. Time's up on that story! I want to create a personal community of size. I want a forum of high spirited support.

In the career of mothering, there seems to be no job advancement.

Mothering/home keeping just sucks the wind out of me some days. Thankless is the name of the game. As you read this, if you feel my plight, please chime in as I could use the solidarity. We have all heard … Continue reading

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Beyond ‘You have such a pretty face.’

At 38, I reached the saturation point. The place where I had taken in all the insults and disapproval there was room for in my head and no more would fit. What a great day it was…so freeing. Here is … Continue reading

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Lemon Verbena Salt Scrub

Lemon Verbena Salt Scrub   I thought I would share a fun and easy project with you. Yeah, I know, I write about weighty issues, feelings and shit but I think you will like this so… A friend of mine, … Continue reading

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Personality Types

This blog, and my Facebook page, function as my public journal where I can share what is on my mind and what I feel might be beneficial to my friends and readers. Occasionally in both formats, I strike a nerve … Continue reading

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Just Say It

Why is it considered good manners to conceal someone’s bad behavior? I’ve seen a topic circulate on social media: If you wore a warning label instead of a name tag what would it say?  I guess you can put “Outspoken” … Continue reading

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Better living through Facebook

“Facebook is my life” would not be a true statement but it would not be far off. People, communication, sharing, interaction…these things really matter to me and if the people in your life account for anything, I am a wealthy … Continue reading

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Fatherless Day

Father’s Day has always been a difficult day for me as I had no father. Instead I had some stranger who lived many states away, who long ago participated in a story book wedding with my mother. I only knew … Continue reading

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