In a perfect world I would have a salon: an elegant room filled with sumptuous furniture, resplendent with flowers and refreshment. I would regularly open my salon to a collective of women who come together to celebrate one another and to share feelings and experiences in a totally accepting environment. A room where women are encouraged to take ownership of their size and develop self esteem that reflects we are deserving of love and pride.

In the absence of such luxury I wish to create that forum in an online format. So, welcome ladies. Pleases spread the word about peachesandpoundcake to your friends who share the need for love and support and the occasional sounding board for frustrations that come from living in a world where round girls are treated as though we are nothing other than our size.

It is not my intention to assert that women of size are superior in any way…I think superiority is at the root of most evil. We all are entitled to have a place in this world, not just the crappy seats at the back of the theater of life. Claim a seat in the front row.

Haters are not welcome and will be swiftly deleted.


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