You have a beautiful body.


I think most of my generation was severely damaged by well meaning mothers who still (in a pitiful hold over from a less enlightened era) viewed our looks as our most precious commodity. I think it is time we acknowledged that ugly fact. Not in an effort to hold our mothers accountable for our shattered self confidence…as they did only what they thought was best for us, just like telling us to do our homework, they believed that preserving and maximizing our beauty was ESSENTIAL to providing for our secure futures…but because without the acknowledgement of the price we women paid for this, we cannot fully purge it from our own mothering and grandmothering. I lived my life, until recently, cloaked in “you have a beautiful face but you need to lose weight.” What tragic brainwashing we all received!! I did not pass this on to my daughter. I raised her to know her beauty is not dependent on her flesh but on her heart. The girls in the NOW and in the FUTURE depend on us treating self LOVE as a vital revolution.


About suzygaxiola

I enjoy a well-rounded life. Woman, Wife, Mom, Friend, Daughter, Sister, Volunteer, Writer. I have spent far too many years of my life feeling like a second class citizen because of my weight. Time's up on that story! I want to create a personal community of size. I want a forum of high spirited support.
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