Many blogs have posted this work: “Wrong Century” by Tomas Kucerovsky, and the discussions about the intent have been lively. The heat of the discussions generally revolve around the artists choice in Rubens paintings to have the young woman viewing…why The Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus by Peter Paul Rubens? I’ll throw in my two cents here: the two women in Rubens painting are being assaulted and humiliated and perhaps Kucerovsky was implying that there are similarities in the emotions of the plight of a round woman in todays society. Discuss…

 “Wrong Century” by Tomas Kucerovsky

“Wrong Century” by Tomas Kucerovsky


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I enjoy a well-rounded life. Woman, Wife, Mom, Friend, Daughter, Sister, Volunteer, Writer. I have spent far too many years of my life feeling like a second class citizen because of my weight. Time's up on that story! I want to create a personal community of size. I want a forum of high spirited support.
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