It SHOULD NOT…but if this object does have any bearing on your self worth, throw it out.


My 5’5 frame has weighed in at as little as 78 pounds and as much as 200 pounds. Having been anorexic AND overweight during my lifetime I’ll take fat, thanks. I spent twenty years of my life emotionally sick because of what that scale said and what people thought my size said about me and my worth. A scale is a trigger to the mind-f*^@ that haunted me. I refuse to have a scale in my house and I refuse to step on one at the doctors unless I am having surgery (anesthesiologists need your weight for dosing) or unless I sought treatment for my weight which I personally never would. I care about how I feel and I care about how I eat and I have a solid and healthy handle on both.


About suzygaxiola

I enjoy a well-rounded life. Woman, Wife, Mom, Friend, Daughter, Sister, Volunteer, Writer. I have spent far too many years of my life feeling like a second class citizen because of my weight. Time's up on that story! I want to create a personal community of size. I want a forum of high spirited support.
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