Imposing harsh judgements on your body limits the range of experiences you allow yourself to enjoy. How many times has a wonderful day at the beach been tainted by your judgements about how you look in a bathing suit? Imagine how liberating it would be to happily walk across the warm sand without feeling self-conscious. Think of all the activities in your life that you have deferred until you look different, better, or perhaps even perfect.

There is much documented proof that the mind and body are connected, so acceptance of your body is not only essential for your emotional well-being, it is essential for your physical health as well. Denying your body complete acceptance can lead to illness, whereas practicing acceptance can heal disease. The drive for self-improvement is completely healthy as long as it comes from a place of self-love rather than a feeling of inadequacy.

Andrew Adler


About suzygaxiola

I enjoy a well-rounded life. Woman, Wife, Mom, Friend, Daughter, Sister, Volunteer, Writer. I have spent far too many years of my life feeling like a second class citizen because of my weight. Time's up on that story! I want to create a personal community of size. I want a forum of high spirited support.
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